Abuzzy Motorhomes

Abuzzy provides Motorhome rentals for your New Zealand Holiday

Holidaying with Abuzzy Motorhome Rentals New Zealand is a breeze. Explore New Zealand's spectacular natural landscape, cultural heritage, walk the National parks or simply enjoy the beaches. With Abuzzy New Zealand campervan hire you have the freedom to explore at your own pace.

You can be assured of comfort with Abuzzy motorhome rentals NZ. Our larger Grand and Ultimate motorhomes are all 2008 to 2012 models. Our smaller campervans are 2013 to 2016 models and fitted out in 2017 and 2018.

All our rental motorhomes have special comforts which are not found in a lot of others such as the main bed having a flexible slat base and the bathroom having a separate shower cubicle from the toilet - to name a few.

Abuzzy motorhomes NZ provide a flexible living configuration as you can use the kitchen and bathroom while others are still in bed. They are suitable for couples, families and groups of friends. All passengers while driving are positioned close the driver unlike a lot of other campers where they are located way from the driver at the rear of the motorhome.

We can met you at Auckland or Christchurch Airport and bring you to our depot where your NZ rental motorhome will be ready for you to quickly set off on your adventure. At the completion of your holiday you can simply return the rental motorhome to our depot and then we can take you back to the airport

At Abuzzy we strive to provide you with a motorhome rental holiday that you will cherish forever.

Check out our great rental rates and 'Get a Quote' (right side of this page). Then feel free to book online. We look forward to seeing you in an Abuzzy New Zealand Motorhome Rental.

Save on your rental hire!

Abuzzy NZ Motorhome rentals provides special offer discounts when traveling between Christchurch and Auckland to met our logistics schedule as apposed to Auckland to Christchurch. Check prices both ways on our get a quote to see if one way is cheaper than the other way!

Free SIM card for your smart phone with Abuzzy Rentals

Enjoy the free Vodafone SIM card for your smart phone. With a $20 top up you can have data and phone to help you out with your holiday including the use of google maps navigation for the duration of your Abuzzy NZ campervan hire. Avoid the stress of looking at maps and road signs and avoid having a dispute while driving.

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Compulsory rest after arriving in NZ

After arriving from a flight with a duration of 4 hours or more, it is compulsory to stay overnight in the city (Auckland or Christchurch) for which you pickup your Abuzzy NZ Motorhome rental. This is a safety requirement to ensure you the customer is not over tired. The customer can pickup the Motorhome after arriving, but must stay the first night in a local campsite.

Abuzzy Motorhomes are very easy to drive and have one of the best fuel consumptions on the market.

Abuzzy NZ Motorhome rentals uses Ford transits for the 2, 4 & 6 berth Grands and 2 & 4 berth Ultimate's are all less than 3.5 Tonne gross weight, some of the competitors NZ made vehicles are substantially heaver berth up to 4.5 Tonne. Abuzzy Motorhomes optimum weight and efficient engines translates into a fuel consumption of approximately 9.5L/100km (or 25 Miles per gallon). WIth turbo charged diesel enginines there is sufficient power to keep up with all cars on the road.